After deciding to hang an original Leonardo da Vinci flying machine in the "History of Flight" section of the library the search was on to locate a craftsman to build an actual display model.

An internet search located Bob May, a Canadian graphic designer who had drawn a da Vinci plane hanging over a trade show exhibit and placed the drawing on his web site. The exhibit project was cancelled but the urge to build one was still very much alive.

After contact and detailed discussions, planning of a project to build a 20 foot hand made model was underway.

With a 2 year span to finish the project everything was in place to complete the full-size model. Many original da Vinci drawings, relevant photos and different reference models were accumulated and a non-functional static plane structure was designed.

Starting with a life-size wall drawing as a master guide the woodworking began, slowly taking shape before component assembly a year later.

Many techniques were implemented to form the many shapes, various
methods to strengthen the structure and specific woods were chosen for light weight and longevity.

For Bob May, the project designer and builder, the final appearance was the most important driving visual factor and all efforts and material decisions were made to give period authenticity for the many viewers to follow.

With excellent communications and detailed planning it has been my great privilege to complete this project for the new Weber County Library System




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